Phyris ULTRASOMI FLUID, 75 ml/2.7 oz

Phyris ULTRASOMI FLUID, 75 ml/2.7 oz

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Description of PHYRIS Ultrasomi Fluid:

The velvety, cell-activating PHYRIS Ultrasomi Fluid with Oxygen improves the vitality of the skin by 29% - and allows subsequently applied products to take effect more intensively. The Oxygen Complex activates the metabolism function of skin cells and stimulates the regeneration of the skin as Native Essence, a blossom and leaf extract of Ocean Fennel, stimulates and strengthens the skin’s activities. Tired skin is revitalized and optimally prepared for the subsequent PHYRIS care.

Home treatment of PHYRIS Ultrasomi Fluid:

After Cleansing and before care, apply an almond-sized amount and allow to absorb. Afterwards apply the suitable care product.

PHYRIS Ultrasomi is like a walk through the forest – it infuses the skin with new vitality.