Phyris SENSITIVE MOISTURIZING cream, 50ml/1.7 oz

Phyris SENSITIVE MOISTURIZING cream, 50ml/1.7 oz

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Description of PHYRIS Sensitive Moisturizing:

This soothing fresh 24-hour care supplies sensitive skin with intensive moisture, reduces fine lines caused by dryness, is calming and strengthening.

The protein Vitamin B complex supports protein, lipid and ceramide synthesis and thus improves the skin barrier. The defense complex strengthens the skin’s own defense mechanisms and is both anti-inflammatory and calming. Fig extract instantly supplies refreshing moisture and is also calming. An extract of Japanese cedar bud stimulates cell renewal and results in smooth, relaxed radiance. Squalane prevents the skin’s moisture loss and additionally improves the skin’s resistance.

For a smooth and hydrated skin.


Home treatment of PHYRIS Sensitive Moisturizing:

In the morning and evening, aft er cleansing, SOMI and a suitable eye care, apply a hazelnut-sized amount to face, neck and décolleté.

Package: Jar

Protein Vitamin B complex, defense complex, fig extract, cedarbud extract and squalane

Tip: Thanks to the light and fresh feeling of the care, MOISTURIZING CREAM is ideal for use in warm months and/or for normal to oily skin.