Petitfee BLACK PEARL & GOLD hydrogel eye patch, 6o pcs,84g

  • $25.00

These hydrogel eye patches rejuvenate the windows to your soul. Infused with Black Pearl and pure Gold powders, they improve blood circulation, leaving the tired skin around your peepers refreshed and radiant.Treat yourself to some Black Pearls and Gold. These hydrogel (water in jelly form) eye patches are packed with these gems and are shaped like water drops to target areas most prone to bags and wrinkles. The result is re-energized under eye skin and a golden skin tone. Seriously, who can resist?

Suggested use

Cleanse and prep skin with toner. Pick out an eye patch with the provided spoon. Apply a single patch under each eye. Leave on for 30 minutes, then pat gently for better absorption.